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February 18, 2016

Skateboarding Improves Inner Balance And Lifestyle: Word Of Niccolò Santambrogio.


Everyone has a different perception of Well-being; for a skateboarder, skating is not only a sport, but it also improves inner balance and lifestyle! And the witness is Niccolò Santambrogio!


Niccolò is a 28-year-old young man coming from Brianza – (Italy); for the last 2 years he’s been living in Santa Monica, California, home of skateboarding, because it almost never rains and the weather is always hot. At his age, for a professional skater, he is in the middle phase, in which, in addition to physical training and healthy nutrition, he is enjoying the experience gained so far.

Niccolò has always been super passionate about sports, especially basketball and the NBA. At 13 years old he was fascinated and impressed by the punk-look of his Carate Brianza’s friend Stefano and by the Simpsons, he especially loved Mohawk hair, studs and skate. Since then he has become crazy for Canadian Maple wood skate, especially over the countless falls, because it is from there that he began to believe in his abilities and challenges. In 2010 he finished third in the Championship of the Italian Federation, training regularly in the gym “MonzaBrianzaFitness” inVerano Brianza.


When he started having the first sponsors, he realized that he wanted to live like a real professional, and not more being valued as superficially, with approximation or delays, as up to that point.


After the Degree in Motor Sciences at the Catholic University in Milan, through which he learned the fundamentals of all sports, physical training and healthy nutrition, in 2013 he realized that, to grow professionally, he had to take a continental leap and experience living in California, where the people are way ahead in sports and lifestyle, since they give great attention to fitness andwellness.


It’s here that Niccolo’ has realized that well-being is the key to the psycho-physical professional success by applying daily professional care in all the details, which play a key role in this, as in every other sport, at certain levels. Paradoxically the skate, like many other sports played professionally, could go against the concept of well-being, due to wear and accidents that cause to the body; Niccolò is aware that Well-being is synonym of Responsibility, i.e. ability to fall, respect his own physiology, prevent and protect himself from trauma, in fact he believes that human body is an amazing gift of immense value. He wakes up between 5 and 6 am, because he has to cook himself a very healthy breakfast and lunch, since he will train for several hours all day long: he is following a calibrated nutritional program, studied just for him by a doctor, that includes in each meal row-food like salad, spinach and broccoli, all accompanied by proteins, such as chicken, fish andeggs. He only drinks water. The physical preparation is based on power, strength, stability and cardio-exercises, at the BDX gym in LA, as well as physiotherapy and chiropractic. Niccolo’ is really “Addicted to Skateboarding“, and to keep riding his passion, he had to negotiate with the apprehensions of his parents. Now he is certain that he wants to live this sport as an athlete and as an adult he wants to promote and teach children skateboarding at high levels, as he is beginning to do now, continuing to improve his techniques and methodologies. At Italian level Niccolo’ is very well known and, to establish himself even in the States, he is already participating in numerous contests and filming many videos of his performances. Skateboarding will become an Olympic sport at Tokyo in 2020. Moreover it embraces different disciplines, such as Street-Skate, Park, the more acrobatic Vert on the Half-Pipe, Mega-Rap, Downhill. In Italy it is illegal to ride the skate on road and pedestrian ways. On the contrary in the States it is a usual means of transport, commonly used to get to the office, while wearing a suit and a tie, or to school, and is a normal habit start using it from an early age, even women. In California, skaters greet each other whenever they meet, even if they don’t know each other. Skaters stuff!


Then by skating on low walls, stairs, handrail or performing a fantastic trick, a true skater knows how to live in well-being, improving his inner balance and lifestyle. Word of Niccolò Santambrogio- http://www.niccosantambrogio.com!

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