Niccoló Santambrogio, also known as “Nicco”, is an Italian skateboarder, coming from a small town in Northern Italy near Milan. He fell  in love with skateboarding at the age of 13 and since then he never stopped practicing it.  


His commitment, clean & effortless style and high technical skills on the board soon lead Nicco to be noticed in the skate scene. In fact only two years after he started skating, he signed with his first sponsor Malas, a well known Italian clothing company. Shortly after, the world famous brand Vans shoes sponsored him along with Analog clothing and Blueprint skateboards.


From day one, Nicco traveled a lot around Italy to skate in competitions, join skate trips, shoot videos and take photos. Then he started travelling as well around Europe exposing himself even more. All this till 2010 when, after a placement on the podium of the first edition of the skateboarding championship promoted by the Italian Federation (F.I.H.P. ), he decided to take a big challenge: to measure himself with the best skateboarders in the world. Where? In California, of course, the birthplace of skateboarding! He started doing short trips by himself until in 2013 he obtained an Athlete Visa and moved to Los Angeles. 

Nicco is currently still there “living the dream”.


Nicco has a deep passion for the sport world, a passion demonstrated by his approach to skateboarding and by his lifestyle: he is a true & dedicated athlete!


Moreover, thanks to his university background in “Sport and Motor Science” (master’s degree), he also teaches skateboarding to kids driven by a big desire to share his knowledge and love for skateboarding. He’s an official skateboarding Instructor with the F.I.R.S. (


His goal is to keep pushing his board around the world in important competitions & events and to continue filming to witness the beauty and true values of this amazing sport.



2016: accepted to skate at the world famous "TampaAM 2016", an international contest final in Tampa, FL, USA

2016: invited on an international tour in Guatemala with pro skaters Bastien Salabanzi and Camilo Henao for the GoSkateboardingDay

2016: skated at "The Boardr AM", an international skateboarding series organized throughout the United States
2015: third classified and winner of the best trick contest at the C.A.S.L. at the Vans Skatepark, OC, CA, USA

2015: accepted to compete at the DamnAM Contest at Woodward West, CA, USA

2012: winner of the Best Trick Contest at the Skate & Sport Event, Cesano Maderno Skatepark, Italy
2011: second classified at Best Halloween Line Contest, Society Plaza, Seregno, Italy
2010: one of 6 finalists invited to compete in the "The Street Contest", Monza, Italy
2010: second classified at the Casalgrande Contest, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2010: third classified at FIHP Italian Championship, Macello Skatepark, Monza, Italy
2010: third classified at the Volcom Wild in the Parks Contest, Monza, Italy
2010: winner of the Best Trick Contest “Skate the Park”, Cantù Skatepark, Italy
2009: cast in "The Gossip Video”, awarded Best Italian Skate Video of the year
2005: third classified at the Vans Best Trick Contest, Genoa, Italy
2003: thirteenth classified at the Italian Championship, Genoa, Italy

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